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+++ New UNESCO world cultural heritage now online in 3D +++ historical Wasserwerk am Hochablass in Augsburg/Germany 

transparency and efficiency: The 3D Tour

Capturing Spatiality

This cutting-edge technology creates a 3D model of your building for a stunning virtual walkthrough. Take advantage of that visual power to excite potential and actual customers.  Use it to collaborate with project teams. All members of a team can look at the building from wherever they are! Maximum efficiency for your tasks with architects, craftsmen or any other service provider involved in your project. Make the most out of it!
  • Stunning three dimensional views
  • 3D data can be used to create new plans
  • Better understanding of a building
  • Perfect for project teams

laserscans for Promotion und planning


To get new and precise plans or a CAD model of a  building we use high-precision laserscanners. The acquired data is used to generate stunning animations for marketing as well as a complete set of new plans of the building or even a complete 3D model to be used by architects.
  • High precision laserscanning
  • Creation of plans and CAD models
  • Animation of the 3D data for marketing
  • Useful extension of the 3D tour product

360° Video: visual and spoken information

360° Video

A guided tour through your building combines the ability to look around with information that is brought to the potential buyer by you or one of your agents. A perfect combination of visual information and human interaction. New ways of real estate marketing. Check it out – you’ll love it…
  • Visual information and narrator
  • Sets yourself apart from your competitors

maximize web visibility

360° Business View on Google Maps

Step inside! As certified Google 360° street-view trusted agency we use the extensive material of the 3D tour to create a virtual tour attached to your business on google maps. A well-known marketing booster especially useful for popup-stores or re-openings. A small add-on product with enormous effects!
  • Maximizes customer attention
  • Increased visibility on the internet
  • Authentic presentation


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